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Australia's Low Pollution Future: The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation Report


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Chart 1: Five pathways for Australian emissions and GNP 33KB
Chart 2: Emission reductions by sector 32KB
Chart 2.1: Integrating the suite of models N/A
Chart 2.2: GDP — hypothetical reference and policy scenarios 34KB
Chart 3.1: Gross world product per capita growth 25KB
Chart 3.2: Fuel combustion emissions 30KB
Chart 3.3: Global emissions by gas 24KB
Chart 3.4: Global greenhouse gas emissions 25KB
Chart 3.5: Emission intensity 21KB
Chart 3.6: Shares of global emissions 39KB
Chart 3.7: Gross world product growth 25KB
Chart 3.8: World population 30KB
Chart 3.9: Gross world product per capita growth 32KB
Chart 3.10: Gross domestic product per adult 28KB
Chart 3.11: Distribution of gross world product 29KB
Chart 3.12: Share of total output by sector 28KB
Chart 3.13: Global emissions by sector 39KB
Chart 3.14: World electricity demand 38KB
Chart 3.15: World electricity generation by fuel 26KB
Chart 3.16: World electricity emissions by fuel 22KB
Chart 3.17: Mode of global transport 24KB
Chart 3.18: Global transport emissions 24KB
Chart 3.19: Global road transport technology share 27KB
Chart 3.20: Real GNP and real GNP per capita 22KB
Chart 3.21: Australian emissions 29KB
Chart 3.22: Share of cumulative emissions 2005 to 2050 21KB
Chart 3.23: Emission intensity 30KB
Chart 3.24: Emissions in Australia 25KB
Chart 3.25: Emissions by state/territory 35KB
Chart 3.26: Decomposition of GDP growth 22KB
Chart 3.27: Australian population 23KB
Chart 3.28: Australia’s terms of trade 22KB
Chart 3.29: Australian GDP and GNP levels 21KB
Chart 3.30: Consumption, investment and export shares of GDP 25KB
Chart 3.31: Commodity price assumptions 22KB
Chart 3.32: Export shares by key sectors 27KB
Chart 3.33: Value added shares 43KB
Chart 3.34: Electricity sector 30KB
Chart 3.35: Australian electricity generation, technology shares 23KB
Chart 3.36: Transport sector 31KB
Chart 3.37: Road transport sector 61KB
Chart 3.38: Road transport sector 49KB
Chart 3.39: Australian land under forestry, and associated sequestration 23KB
Chart 3.40: Emission-intensive industries 41KB
Chart 3.41: Aggregate household spending 24KB
Chart 3.42: Spending on energy as a percentage of all spending 22KB
Chart 3.43: Spending on energy as a percentage of all spending 30KB
Chart 3.44: Spending on energy by household size 21KB
Chart 4.1: Australian emission allocations 38KB
Chart 4.2: Global emissions and allocations 38KB
Chart 4.3: Global emissions pathway and allocation 28KB
Chart 4.4: Multi stage emission allocations: relative to reference scenario 35KB
Chart 4.5: Contraction and convergence approach 28KB
Chart 5.1: Global emission allocations 23KB
Chart 5.2: Global emission prices 22KB
Chart 5.3: Emissions, allocations and cumulative banked permits 28KB
Chart 5.4: Decomposition of global mitigation by gas 24KB
Chart 5.5: GTEM: Gross world product per capita 23KB
Chart 5.6: GTEM: Gross world product 23KB
Chart 5.7: G-Cubed: Gross world product 23KB
Chart 5.8: Emission intensity of gross world product 25KB
Chart 5.9: Cost of global mitigation policy delay 22KB
Chart 5.10: Gross world product 23KB
Chart 5.11: GNP mitigation costs across regions 21KB
Chart 5.12: Mitigation by gas 21KB
Chart 5.13: Contribution of international income transfers to GNP 22KB
Chart 5.14: Contribution of international income transfers to GNP 22KB
Chart 5.15: Terms of trade 23KB
Chart 5.16: GTEM sectoral output relative to the reference scenario in 2020 22KB
Chart 5.17: G-Cubed sectoral output relative to the reference scenario in 2020 23KB
Chart 5.18: GTEM sectoral output relative to the reference scenario in 2050 22KB
Chart 5.19: G-Cubed sectoral output relative to the reference scenario in 2050 21KB
Chart 5.20: Global emissions mitigation, by sector 25KB
Chart 5.21: Global emissions mitigation, by sector 25KB
Chart 5.22: Emission intensity of world electricity generation 30KB
Chart 5.23: Global electricity generation, Change from reference scenario 24KB
Chart 5.24: Global electricity sector technology share 33KB
Chart 5.25: Composition of renewable electricity generation 25KB
Chart 5.26: Global technology shares in electricity generation 32KB
Chart 5.27: Regional electricity supply prices 21KB
Chart 5.28: Global transport emissions 75KB
Chart 5.29: Cost of transport technology 30KB
Chart 5.30: Transport technology shares 27KB
Chart 5.31: Cumulative global sequestration from land use change and forestry 24KB
Chart 5.32: Global agriculture emissions 23KB
Chart 6.1: Australian emission allocations and GNP per capita 34KB
Chart 6.2: Australia’s emission allocation 25KB
Chart 6.3: Australian emission price 23KB
Chart 6.4: Australia’s emission pathways 23KB
Chart 6.5: Emission intensity of GDP 26KB
Chart 6.6: Sector emissions 24KB
Chart 6.7: Share of cumulative emission reductions by sector 21KB
Chart 6.8: Sector emissions 25KB
Chart 6.9: GNP per capita 29KB
Chart 6.10: Gross domestic product 29KB
Chart 6.11: Capital Stock and Investment 32KB
Chart 6.12: Real wages 31KB
Chart 6.13: Terms of trade 24KB
Chart 6.14: Australia’s actual emissions, allocations and permit trading 24KB
Chart 6.15: Domestic consumption 39KB
Chart 6.16: Australian gross national product 25KB
Chart 6.17: Gross State Product 32KB
Chart 6.18: Gross State Product 34KB
Chart 6.19: Emission intensity 32KB
Chart 6.20: Australia’s coal sector 31KB
Chart 6.21: Trade-exposed emission-intensive industries - emissions 32KB
Chart 6.22: Australian aluminium output relative to current levels 25KB
Chart 6.23: Electricity demand 30KB
Chart 6.24: Emission intensity of electricity technologies 23KB
Chart 6.25: Technology shares of generation 66KB
Chart 6.26: Emission intensity of electricity generation 25KB
Chart 6.27: Average Australian wholesale electricity prices 23KB
Chart 6.28: Gas fired electricity generation 22KB
Chart 6.29: Coal and gas generation 26KB
Chart 6.30: Renewables capacity 31KB
Chart 6.31: Electricity sector emissions 22KB
Chart 6.32: Transport sector emissions 23KB
Chart 6.33: Contribution to transport mitigation 23KB
Chart 6.34: Distance travelled by mode of road transport 26KB
Chart 6.35: Road transport fuel mix 55KB
Chart 6.36: Australian additional land under forestry 24KB
Chart 6.37: Australian forestry sequestration 24KB
Chart 6.38: Private per capita consumption 30KB
Chart 6.39: Household expenditure shares in 2020 24KB
Chart A.1: How the suite of models fit together N/A
Chart B.1: Emission allocations by region 35KB
Chart B.2: Contraction and convergence approach 29KB
Chart B.3: Australian population 36KB
Chart B.4: Industry labour augmenting technical change 30KB
Chart B.5: Australia’s terms of trade 29KB
Chart B.6: Energy commodity price assumptions 34KB
Chart B.7: Domestic Australian gas prices 42KB
Chart B.8: Cumulative renewable capacity constraints — MMA 38KB


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